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Profile of Wendy Grace in the Irish Sun

Wendy GraceDownload the full article here

SHE'S young, gorgeous, has an enviable career and a loving boyfriend. 

But 26-year-old Wendy Grace is also a devout Catholic and proud of her faith.

The Dublin DJ doesn't fit the traditional image of a God-fearing Christian. She has a fast-paced job in communications and enjoys a social life just like anyone else.

Wendy has also been in a relationship with Karl for the last 18 months — proving that abstaining from sex before marriage isn't a death-knell for romance.

Wendy explained: "I follow what the Church teaches.

"I am grateful for my faith teaching me to have a real understanding of true commitment, communication, love and respect."

This week, Wendy joined with thousands of young Catholics from around the world at the 50th Eucharistic Congress in Dublin.

With many people living together outside of wedlock, Wendy admits following the rules is "challenging".

And the brunette babe, who presents a show on Spirit FM, confessed she hasn't always been a pious Catholic. She said: "For years I felt immense pressure to look a certain way, to drive a certain car or have a flash handbag. I then started to want more than that."

The Church isn't considered a fun-loving organisation, but Wendy insists it has brought her "joy". She said: "We have fleeting moments of happiness when we buy something new or we're on a great night out.

"But I have found it's not authentic happiness that lasts. Having faith gives me a true joy through all the ups and downs that life throws at me."

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