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Courage now needed to present Catholic Viewpoint in Ireland

Courage now needed to present Catholic Viewpoint in Ireland 

"The recent but growing tendency in Ireland to marginalise or even demonise the Catholic viewpoint in public debate is making it increasingly intimidating for ordinary people to articulate that perspective,"  says Petra Conroy, Catholic Comment Coordinator, announcing the expansion of the project's speakers' panel.  

"It now takes real courage just to present the case for the Catholic vision on many key issues affecting Irish society - from the right to maintain a Catholic ethos in schools which remain Catholic, to articulating the Catholic view on sexuality and on marriage.

"With the benefit of a rather unique approach to discussion and dialogue, Catholic Comment makes it a little easier for our team of 'ordinary' Catholics to present the case for the Church in the media.   Our speakers' panel is made up of men and women from across Ireland, North and South, working in a variety of jobs, some married, some single - but with at least two things in common: they are enthusiastic about the Catholic faith, and they are prepared to make themselves available, if possible - and often at short notice, to participate in media discussion on matters relating to the message and mission of the Catholic Church," said Petra.

Catholic Comment was set up in June 2012 to coincide with the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin that year and is a sister organisation of Catholic Voices in the UK - and now in many countries around the world including Lithuania, Australia, Mexico, United States and Spain.  

The second round of Catholic Comment speakers have just completed their three preparation weekends and now join the existing panel.  The new team includes a newly qualified solicitor with an interest in drama, a Mum of six who's a fertility care expert, a financial services executive turned hospital chaplain, a secondary teacher with degrees in philosophy and education, and a young Dad who works in IT and loves acting.  The people on the panel keep up to date with developments in the Church and in the media and are happy to throw light on Catholic Church teaching and vision from their perspective, in media interviews.

So if your programme or station is doing an item on
 surrogacy, or end of life care, or on Catholic groups giving presentations in schools on sexuality, on redefining marriage or canonisations - or even on why it now takes courage to present the Catholic position, we'll try our best to make one of our speakers available. 

You can find out more about our team on our website at http://catholiccomment.ie/speakers/

If you would like one of our speakers to contribute to your programme, please contact our Project Coordinators, Petra Conroy (086) 416 2277 or Sheena Darcy (086) 087 8704

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