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Catholic Comment Speakers - the value of support.


Catholic Comment speakers got together last weekend to catch up: on friendship - and on Church and media developments.


Even with the preparation and tools offered by the Catholic Comment / Catholic Voices approach to communicating in the public square, doing a media interview, often on a controversial topic, can be a daunting propect.  But the speakers on the Catholic Comment panel are not alone - friendship and mutual support are a very important part of preparing for interviews. "It's so encouraging to know that the rest of the team are behind me - and that they're praying for me when I go on", said Wendy Grace, a media gradate and journalist. "I always ring one of the others to run my key points by them, or to bounce around how I can best express the positive message I have in mind," mum of two, Catriona Curran explains. "Feeling supported makes a huge difference when facing an interview - we're not on our own."

Relaxing at Emmaus Sept 2013

To build on the support and friendship and to keep ourselves fresh on current topics, the team have been meeting up every so often during the year. Usually this are evening sessions, but last weekend many of the team came together in Emmaus Conference and Retreat Centre near Swords, to spend a bit longer reflecting on topics that might become media stories in the year ahead. "We did our final training weekend with this team in Emmaus last June, so it was like coming home," Petra Conroy, project coordinator said. "We worked hard - but there was some time for fun too. They're an impressive group of people in many ways - and singing is just one of those."


- September 2013




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