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Catholic Comment is independent

Catholic Comment is Independent

Catholic Comment will prepare speakers to talk confidently about their Catholic faith on radio, TV and in new media.

Catholic Comment is independent

Catholic Comment is the initiative of a group of individual Catholics acting in our personal capacity.
We aim to provide authoritative and accurate communicators of our Church’s mission and teaching, complementing the work of Catholic Church leaders and assisting the media in good faith.

Catholic Comment is faithful

Catholic Comment aims to throw light in the public square on what John Paul II called "the symphony of the faith" in all its aspects. For that we need people with a sincere intellectual and spiritual commitment to Catholic values. We then help our speakers acquire the knowledge and skills to communciate clearly and competently in the media.

Catholic Comment has a new approach

Similiar to the successful model adopted by Catholic Voices in the UK, we aim to communicate our values while respecting the goodwill, sincerity and intelligence of others and we try to avoid internal Church disputes. We are not interesting in winning debates, but on offering insights into the vision the Catholic Church offers to individuals and to society.

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