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Jason Conroy of Catholic Comment (Catholic Voices Ireland) gives a flavour of Day One of Pope Francis visit to Ireland as part of World Meeting of Families 2018 Learn more »

Maria Byrne of Catholic Comment - Catholic Voices Ireland blog post on the brilliant World Meeting of Families 2018 congress which finished yesterday Learn more »

As the clock ticks down to the start of World Meeting of Families and the arrival of Pope Francis, our speakers are on the airwaves helping explain what will be involved, and why it's well worth getting the sandwiches and comfortable shoes packed and heading to Dublin for this unmissable momentous event! Learn more »

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Catholic Comment offers a team of mainly lay people to speak confidently and clearly about the Catholic faith in the media. We invite applications to join our panel approximately every two years.  If you'd like to book one of our speakers for your programme, click the 'Contact' link at the top of the page and to find out more about who our speakers are, click 'Speakers'.

You can view or listen to some of our past interviews too: you've guessed right - just click 'Interviews' above. 

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Jason Conroy's WMOF Blog
Maria Byrne's Blog
Maria Byrne's WMOF Blog
Mairead Fallon WMOF
Mairead Fallon's WMOF Blog
Catholic Comment <em>is independent</em>

Catholic Comment is an independent organisation established by a group of Catholics acting in a personal capacity. We are not an 'official' Church organisation but complement the work carried out by bishops and others.

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Jason Conroy's Blog

Updating the Website  | 4th Aug 2021

We are currently in the process of refreshing our website and preparing for a re-launch of Catholic Comment.

Watch this space!

New Coordinators  | 1st July 2021

We're delighted to introduce three new coordinators who have recently joined the Catholic Comment team: Jason Conroy, Niall Buckley, and Maria Bridges. 

Maria studied Pure Maths in college, teaches Maths at 2nd level and is pursuing a Masters in Education; Jason is a recent Law graduate starting a Masters in  Classics, focussing on Ancient Greek; and Niall is doing doctoral studies in History, with his PhD thesis on the exiled Austrian Monarchy after World War 1. 

Recent Workshop  | 22nd Jun 2021

For a number of months now we have been working with the existing speakers, researching hot-button issues relating to the Church's message, organising training workshops on Zoom, and setting up mock media interviews and feedback sessions, all to prepare our speakers for a return to the airwaves.

On 19th of June, we ran a three hour workshop for our speakers on the topic of Catholic Education. This involved our usual formation input from our chaplain Fr Terence Crotty OP, then a brief primer on the purpose of the Catholic School, tapping into various expert sources both written and audiovisual, followed finally by a hands on 'reframing' practice. This time we picked a recent Irish Times headline to practice with. Over the past months we have also hosted several expert inputs and reframing workshops on the topic of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.